The only time of year when everyone you’ve once fucked—and want to fuck again—lands in one town, but during said time, you’re all too busy to meet up.

It gives me blue bells.


Issues: check

Can’t lie: it still bothers me when I notice someone I used to be close friends with has maintained or rekindled a friendship with the guy who physically abused and manipulated me from the time I was 14. 

Ya know… I often still struggle to become close with people, even as friends.

What I’m saying is: I’m increasingly happier than I’ve ever been to not be in a relationship. 

Unusual compliment

People talk about how “women’s clocks” tick.

Men’s do, too. 

Also, they are insane, which is the more important part. 

Some guy awkwardly hit on me via the internet (always?)  He said he was “ready to get married and reproduce,” and that I am “smart, attractive, and eccentric,” and he’s “into genetics, and wants to give his offspring the best chance in this crazy, trump led world.” 

Somehow, through I realize he is possibly insane, I’ve honed in on this one little tidbit: eccentric. I’m validating him. I’ve felt eccentric. I’m not sure if anyone has actually ever said it out loud to me, but it feels so.

What makes me eccentric? Sometimes, I attribute being eccentric to being smart. Does being smart make one seem odd? I’ve been assuming that for a while, and maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m nerdy. Maybe I’m weird. Maybe I really do dress funny. Maybe I’m eccentric. 

Is it bad?