To a dipshit 

 I facilitated you stomping on my roach of a heart. 

I wouldn’t say it was fervent, so

Maybe not a stomp.

more like….

You casually glanced downward and noticed I was there, 

unwanted, so 

you lifted the toes of your shoe–your heel never leaving the floor–then tapped my little roach of a heart out of existence 

one click  (crunch).

Normally, a roach heart can survive a nuclear holocaust.

I wouldn’t suspect you’d have time to wipe my remains off the floor; however, I know you’ll get that shoe cleaned. 



I just want to get you naked 

Grasp your hair 

Suck your lips 

Ride your hips 

Make you cum 

Kick you out of bed 

Hear you laugh 

Listen to your thoughts 

Feel your heartbeat through your chest

Know you in ways no one else can

Cup your face 

Wipe your eyes 

Kiss your lips 

And tell you how I truly feel.

If I’m smitten 

He seems completely comfortable with himself, which goes a long way in terms of how attractive someone is.

He develops vertical creases in his cheeks when he smiles, which is one of my favorite things about him. 

Like any good pet owner, he is able to make me feel secure with his gentle guidance and calm nature. 

I want my lips all over him as I take time getting to know the body that I will come to love and eventually miss.

No one has created accurate words for the way he makes me feel like my spirit is high on acid–experiencing otherworldly happiness and beauty, then unimaginable fear as well. I suspect no one has accurately termed this feeling because it is rare. For that, I am appreciative. 

Irrelevant man

I’m in a tornado. What was once valuable is now pulverized into the shards that whip by, slicing my skin. 
You are merely the dust in the aftermath that stings my eyes. 

My heart is swollen, lonely, and atrophied. 

All I can think is, “How dare you.”