Is it just a regional thing ooor?

Why is it that most 5ks seem to cater to rather right-wing (for lack of a better term) agendas/ charities/ causes/ etc.?

It’s quite interesting, as many stereotypes would have you believe that a bunch of vegan liberal pussies are the ones all aboard the gay-ass health boat (bare with my intense exaggerations here lol).

It’s not so much that I’m mad that yet another 5k for some police department exists (yo, they’re allowed) or that my options for what my money goes toward if I wanna run a race are rather often that or a church…

What I’m mad about it that organizations like one I stumbled across today, Black Girls Run, are such a minority with this type of thing that it’s ridiculous. So races that cater to other mindsets…

Where’s my 5k for BLM? More 5ks for non-profits? 5k for Feminism, because alliteration. Annual Gay Pride 5k?  Muffdiver Marathon? 10k for Titties (for the lude motherfuckers like myself out there who also like to run and donate to breast cancer research). 

And last but never least, more races that reward us with beer. It’s the best thing us lude motherfuckas got going for us.


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