I’m sure you’ve been on the opposite end of this feeling with me in your position. 

 I feel like your mind is made up about me not being with Tyler, so it doesn’t make sense for me to talk to you about my feelings. The overarching theme is that you don’t want me to have them. So I just don’t talk to you about it. 


Potential method

Perhaps I’m onto something healthy, but likely not. I think unpleasant emotions are like a fire. They should be smothered out.


You know me and you know I wouldn’t wanna step on the toes of feminism, BUT

Can we talk about how annoying it is that, generally, body hair acceptance is really only a major thing amongst women who still adhere to mainstream beauty standards in almost all other aspects.

And I say fuck that. Take it from one: the world is not just a bunch of skinny white girls who wear make-up every single day and dress in manners that are ~close enough~ to hip.

Naw. Body hair on big black women. Body hair on Latina women who have way, way, way more than just a lil peach fuzz.

Ain’t got time for no bullshiiiiit.