The comment reply 

This made me die laughing inside.


If your life was a book, what would this chapter of your life be called?

Some of my options:

“Existential Intermission”

“Alcoholism, Part VII”


“Didn’t See this Coming Either”

“Impulsive Behaviors are Less ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ with Age”

“99 Problems; A Bitch is at Least Several of Them”

“Believe It or Not, I Have Learned My Lesson (Until I Once Again Prove that I Haven’t)”

Getting drunk on a TUESDAY

A year ago today, she sent me “Church” by Gary Clark Jr.

Earlier that day, she’d turned red and said “you’re making me nervous,” just because I touched her at work. 

She’d been chasing me so hard. She adored me so much. 

I can function like a normal person by day, fueling myself on anger over all she’s done wrong, but by night… I know the road to getting over her is so far from nearing an end.