Audience of one

I believe that being posh is not important.

If it turns out I am wrong, all is lost.


“Pretentious” coffee talk

French press? Nah man.

After making coffee on the stovetop and deciding that all of the grounds left in my teeth tasted like famine and a hard day of work ahead at the coal mines, I had to get creative.

So I made what I’m calling the poverty press this morning using a mason jar, a coffee mug, coffee filter, and a wire.

I should probably be ashamed, but I’m patting myself on the back.


All I want out of life today is to take a series on naps.

Murphy’s Law probably states that you’ll only legitimately feel like shit on days you’re scheduled to work for 10 hours and getting holiday pay.

Hi ho hi ho, to work I have to go.

I’m getting tanked for America tomorrow and not even thinking about fucking cars or pharmaceuticals or finances or my college “education” for one whole day.