Impressing Dudes 101? Maybe.

Casually ask them when their lunch break at work is one day.

The next time they’re working, send them a picture of your pussy with the caption “noticed it’s almost time for you to eat ;)” as their lunch break approaches.


Fuck it forward

This one time, some rando left money on my car and a note next to a ticket I’d received from UPD, telling me to have a nice day and accept this gift for my struggles. It was the sort of cliche people post all over social media about paying it forward, and it made me feel like the most special person around that day. I probably even posted to Facebook about it– humblebrag through and through. “Look at this good thing that happened to me after I did something wrong, asshats!” basically.

The point I’m making is this [maybe]: what we may perceive to be the most minute action still has a great impact upon people. Better to make people smile than be a self-serving twat, I say.

I think I should start working on being the best person I can be again. The optimist in me is all about it, but the cynical little shit within me still thinks most people should shove it up their ass. Constantly torn between “be kind to everyone” and “Fuck people, I dont owe them shit” philosophies. Da struggle.